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About ME

Welcome to my Website


I am a passionate photographer.


In my point of view a camera is no more and no less than a tool in the photographer's hands. A certain lens or a camera body reveal something about the photographer's expectations of his tool, but not about the end product, the picture.


I believe that a good photographer can design a well arranged picture with any camera and a bad photographer will not be able to accomplish this, not even with the most expensive equipment or if a person with a good view for picture arrangement / construction has also equipment he controlls well, this then will make the difference in the quality of the picture as well.


From my experience there is no person who is not photogenic. It is always a combination of confidence, ability and experience. Very often I take photographs of people with one or more handicaps and I am surprized about the beauty behind these people. The challenge is to make this beauty visible.


It is my lot as a photographer and an artist that I can’t put on public display 99% of my photographic works, for they are subject to medical confidentiality. Only medical doctors and the inquirers themselves get to see these pictures. However, this does not restrict me. It challenges me even more, to produce the best image of each patient I have to portrait.


In this I see my photographic contribution to our society.

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